Why do we feel lonely without knowing why?

Maybe it have occurred to you. One night. Eventually. Maybe. Probably.

It’s that time mostly when you’re alone at the middle of the night. Thinking, wondering what is happening. You start questioning yourself, “What’s happening?”

You’d feel tensed, fed up with everything, that the world is against your favor. You will jump into conclusions, but you still can’t find the answer.

I might have jump into my own conclusion, that there is a reason why you’re lonely but you can’t admit it to yourself.

Feeling alone contributes to yourself being lonely, but there are other factors to be considered. Have you gotten into a fight with someone? Are you okay with your parents? Stressed with your schoolworks? Do you need attention? If you truly want to know the answer, you have to accept your true self.

Accept the fact that this is you, this is what you’re doing and this is what you’ve done to yourself. It hurts? You’ve got to accept it. If you’re feeling lonely and you can’t find the answer even if you have asked almost everybody, here’s the answer. You suck.

You suck in different ways. You may have been eaten by your pride, you may have been so greedy. Utopia is non-existent. Everything will never be fair in our own world.

Maybe it’s time to reflect. Do I really suck? In what way? I may not know you personally since I’m just a random guy off the internet. But I tell you, you need to find someone who will be true to you, even if telling you the truth hurts.

You. Will. Find. That. Person. Trust me (lol). Don’t be on a rush, everything will be put into place. For the mean time, reflect everything that you’ve done. What you’ve done for yourself, for your friends, for your family, even to the strangers that you pass-by on the street.

Do I look mean into other people’s eye? Do I have a terrific stare? Maybe I have gone too far with my friends? Have I disrespected their own beliefs? Have I been rude to my parents?

Check yourself up. You will eventually find the answer. Maybe you just need to rest. A rest from everything. Take a short break, take a day or two for yourself. Do what you want. After this, I assure you that you wou’d find the answer.

If you’re still in doubt, you forgot something, accept your true self. At the end of the day, you only have yourself and nobody else.

If everything’s going in your way, it’s time for the last step. Check on others. Be bold and ask them the question, “Are you okay?” With this simple question, you can easily light up your mood.

I hope I helped you in a certain way. If no one told you yet, I love you for who you are. Be true to yourself!!

— January 23, 2020 (Thursday) 1:08 am 🇵🇭